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Services and Fleet - Abnormal Transport

Abnormal Cargo Transport

abnormal transporters

Natrans have 30 years of transporting experience with abnormal cargo and capital equipment locally and cross border in Sub - Sahara Africa. We have also been involved with many projects and have extensive knowledge of all the Mining Activities in Africa.


Due to the requirements per individual abnormal load and extensive knowledge of the routes, we are able to advise our clients of vehicle specifications, risk factors, specialized demarcated routes, traveling times and all other points of interest. We are able to inspect loads prior to dispatch to ensure the cargo is correctly handled from the time of loading till the time of delivery.

General Cargo


Natrans Natal Transport provides all transport solutions that are the cornerstones of our clients’ lean, green, efficient and sustainable supply chains. Our experience, expertise and resources in this area extend way beyond the fundamental business of getting products from A to B.


With fully trained staff and extensive experience we can geared to meet any logistics requirements. We also have 150 trucks available from our sub-contracters which enables us to handle projects and meet deadlines.



Cross border countries we service
  • Lesotho

  • Swaziland

  • Namibia

  • Zimbabwe

  • Zambia

  • Mozambique

  • Malawi

  • Angola

  • DRC

Copper Loads

copper loads

The current World market is very slow and has brought many challenges to alot of Transport companies, espacially Abnormal specialists that service the mining industry in Sub Sahara Africa.

With these challenges at hand, we had to look at diffrent logistic avenues and copper is one of the strongest commodities into South Africa.


We are also DPS registered which allows us to transport any non-ferrous steel. Our GIT cover and security escorts enables us to deliver the safe and efficient service all clients require with copper.

Hazardous Cargo Transport

hazardous cargo transport

Natrans offers a diversified dangerous goods transportation (DGR)service to its clients that is focused on, but certainly not limited to the movement of hazardous goods. The transportation of hazardous goods or hazardous waste is a super-specialised service, one that requires a niche understanding in the legalities, human skills, accreditation and safety measures involved.


Long distance transportation typically refers to dangerous goods transportation between various city centres. Long distance transport is yet another key ingredient to the safe and effective flow of hazardous goods. We ensure that our services are executed with the utmost precision and professionalism.


2 x 100 ton Lowbeds

20 x 75 ton Lowbeds

8 x 50 ton Lowbeds

4 x 30 ton Lowbeds

10 x 60 ton Lowbed

11 x Step decks

6 x Extendable Trailers (up to a length of 20 metres)

4 x Steerable Dollies (up to a length of 30m)

10 x Super links

8 x Tri axles



transporting an abnormal load
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